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Corporate Training

Our high-tech training workshops and keynotes focus on core competencies most needed to succeed in today’s business environment. Dynamic professional trainers know exactly how to dial up the inspiration and engagement.We can tailor a program to help you get more out of specific training

Image and Video Analytics

Experts Vision provides cutting-edge services in computer vision and image processing and is known for the design of superior algorithms and optimized solutions for achieving maximum achievable accuracy and run time performance.

Machine Learning

What is your data trying to tell you? How to automate intelligent systems based on it? Find the hidden trends in your data to predict its future behavior. Irrespective of the nature of your data, a simple solution is always there- and our experts have it. You can recover lost data and even predict future […]

Data Analysis

Advanced Data Analysis implementation. We offer full-cycle Data Analysis starting from data gathering and cleansing to profound modeling and suggestions on implementation. We help you realize how your business in particular can get a competitive advantage from Data Mining.

Home and Office Automation

Experts Vision offers Home/office automation systems which are be manufactured as per client requirements. We provide the systems that are designed with the latest technology and allows you to control and secure your house and office in a modern way.

At Experts Vision, our aim is to provide you with a range of experts on all the latest technological developments. We are a group of professional spread all over the globe with only one goal: to be at the front most of the latest research and innovation that has taken the world by storm.

Our Products Include

Laptop Theft Protection Application

Protect your laptop with our advanced Laptop Security System. It is an advanced technology designed to trace your stolen laptop. In its database, we would need to save all images of the authorized laptop users, for example all members of a family.

Intelligent Security Surveillance System

Our Intelligent Security Surveillance System can analyze human actions from a video footage and detect any suspicious activity if present. It will then sound an alarm and alert the concerned authorities.

Biometric Security Clearance System

Our Biometric Security Clearance System can efficiently replace the security guard at your office`s entrance. You just need to compile a database of face images of all authorized persons for your organization.

Face Recognition Based Attendance System

Keep a track of all your employee`s entrance and exit time with our new face recognition based attendance system. An IP camera will be installed at the entrance point from where all the employees enter the office. This camera will take the snapshot of every person who enters the office. Name of the recognized employee, along with his/ her entry time will be recorded in database.

IoT based Home Automation and surveillance system

The Internet of things (IoT) is the inter-networking of physical devices, vehicles (also referred to as "connected devices" and "smart devices"), buildings, and other items embedded with electronics, software, sensors, actuators, and network connectivity which enable these objects to collect and exchange data.

Fingerprint Based Attendance System

There is another system that will help you keep track a records of all your employees or students i.e. fingerprint based attendance system. This can be used in various sectors like schools, colleges, universities, offices etc. This system is already being implemented in many places but our product is unique because it has very high accuracy and is very simple to merge with existing systems.

Enterprise Resourse Planning

The Employees module consists of various features allowing you to perform general human resource management tasks such as employee history, perks and incident reports. Any information needed is available at the click of a button with comprehensive reporting features.

Virtual Classroom

A virtual classroom is an online classroom that allows participants to communicate with one another, view presentations or videos, interact with other participants, and engage with resources in work groups.

Car Number plate Recognition

Automatic number plate recognition is a technology that uses optical character recognition on images to read vehicle registration plates.

Employee Tracking Through GPS

GPS Tracking With the rise in GPS technology, employers have unprecedented access to their employees' whereabouts



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